陶芸家 吉岡正義

artist Masayoshi Yoshioka
After graduating from Ishikawa Prefecture Kutaniyaki Training Centre, Matsura studied at a pottery studio in Kanazawa city. In 1995, she started making ceramics in Fukuhata and Kanazawa. In 1999, through repetition she learned how to mold clay, glaze pottery, and fire ceramics in traditional kilns built in the side of hills. In 2003, she moved her studio to Irie, Kanazawa and opened Toan. During this time she held solo exhibits in locations such as Nihonbashi, Takashimaya, Meitetsu M’za. Starting in 2012, she expanded to South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Italy and Germany. While continuing her research into making new Kanazawa Kutani-yakis, at the same time, she continued to promote Japanese traditional crafts both nationally and internationally.
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